Where do I start?

First Step:

Reach out to our office for an appointment with the owner, Mr. Cochrane, ensuring to provide as much detail as you can with respect to the scope of the work you're looking for us to do for you.

Do you have a sketch, or full plans for the work? If so, please be sure to send them along for your initial appointment.

Please be sure to tell us about your "must-haves" (such as all-stone exterior, or steel roofing, or ICF foundation) as this is critical in providing even a rough cost for the job.

We often get asked; do you offer estimates?

The initial visit in our office (Iroquois) with Mr. Cochrane is at no charge and aspects such as finishes, square footage and scope of work will be discussed.

At that time, Mr. Cochrane can provide a very vague verbal estimate for the work to be done based on the information he has been given. This will be a "best guess" and based on things like: current cost of materials, current labour costs, square footage of home and finishes desired.

Please keep in mind, this is a very rough idea - based on other homes/jobs built in the same year.

Can I get a written estimate?

Of course we can prepare this for you! However, due to the high demand of estimates and the significant amount of time required to prepare them, we offer these for a fee.

The fee will be discussed at the end of your initial visit but will range from $200-$500 depending on the scope of work (cost provided at time of contact) and can be paid via etransfer, cash or check .

This is to ensure we can dedicate the necessary time to preparing your estimate for you and ensure it is as accurate as possible and provided to you in a timely manner.

Please note this fee will be applied towards your deposit should you then chose to move forward with hiring us for any and/or all the quoted project.

At Cochrane Construction & Renovation LTD., our ultimate goal is to keep our customers satisfied with both the service and the workmanship - and this starts from your first visit with us. Ready? Contact us!